Making Vinegar
Since 1936

We've been manufacturing naturally fermented vinegar since 1936, and all our vinegars are produced from natural ingredients using the latest submerge fermentation technology.

We specialise in contract packing vinegar under the Buyer's Label for both the domestic and export markets.

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Quality & Food Safety

Cecil Vinegar Works strives for the highest quality and food safety standards with an ethos of continuous improvement.

Our vinegar manufacturing plants in Strand and Alrode have passed numerous third party audits.



Cecil Vinegar Works, in conjunction with other South African vinegar manufacturers, formed the South African Natural Vinegar Manufacturer's Association (SANVA) to protect the interests of its members and to promote the use of naturally fermented vinegar in food.

In order to help consumers distinguish between natural vinegar and chemically produced acetic acid, SANVA requires a natural vinegar seal to be displayed on the label of all vinegars which conform to the specifications laid down by the association.

The seal is available free of charge to all manufacturers of products which contain Naturally Fermented Vinegar.